of the Northshore

  • Branch Name:Space Walk of the Northshore
  • Branch Managers:
    Nickolas Dismore & Shelbie Berns
  • Address:
    727 North Causeway Blvd.
    Mandeville, LA 70448
  • Branch Hours:8am - 6pm Monday-Saturday

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  • 70447
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Every\r\n kid loves a party with a bounce house rental. They are not only \r\ninteractive, but they also provide an excellent outlet for children’s \r\nhigh energy levels. With the options available at Space Walk, your child\r\n can have a party or occasion that really stands out. We serve residents\r\n across the nation who turn to us for suggestions and options for truly \r\ncelebrating an event to its fullest.
We offer a wide variety of \r\noptions for your party, including classic space walks, wet and dry \r\nslides, sports and interactive options, and exciting combos that join \r\nall of our best inflatable features. Every child’s interests are \r\ndifferent, but we are confident that you’ll find exactly what you need \r\nin our inventory, which includes inflatables with Disney themes, \r\ncastles, circus trains, jungles, and more. There are many reasons why \r\nyou should turn to us for your inflatable rental!. Northshore customers \r\ntrust us because we offer:

• Fully-inspected and clean units in pristine condition
• $3 million in liability coverage
• Safe, reliable, and professional maintenance
• Friendly and accommodating staff

Give\r\n your kid a great party by turning to Space Walk of the Northshore & Slidell for \r\nan excellent inflatable rental. We are eager and happy to provide you \r\nwith suggestions and to let you know about our renting process, and we \r\nlook forward to helping you with your next event. Call or email us today\r\n if you have any questions about our policies, pricing, or product \r\noptions.